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Get High-Speed Internet Straight to your Door

High-Speed. Gigabit Internet, no data caps, no throttles. Stream Hulu, Netflix, or YouTube TV on multiple devices!

Gigabit Internet at $83.00/month!

Basic: $83/month

Our basic plan* will provide you with an ethernet port to connect directly to your network. Use your own Wi-Fi router and get high-speed reliable service.

100% Fiber

Up to 1Gb**

**Up to 100Mb Upload/1000Mb Download


*Backed by Nokia Technology

Wifi: $89.99/month

Backed by Nokia Beacon Technology. We will provide and manage your Wi-Fi throughout your home ensuring solid connectivity for all your devices.

100% Fiber

Up to 1Gb*

*Up to 100Mb Upload/1000Mb Download


 *Backed by Nokia Technology

Stream Anything

Connect multiple devices and stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more to your hearts content!

No Data Caps

We don’t believe your internet use should be restricted. That’s why we never put caps on your data.

Pricing Plans

Straightforward and predictable monthly pricing plans make paying your bills easy and convenient with no surprises or added fees.

Remote Office

Equipped to handle the demands of remote work with reliable speeds and connectivity so you won’t miss a beat. 

Duke Broadband is in the process of becoming a FCC lifeline provider.  Lifeline program provides a discount on broadband services for low-income consumers.  Learn more here

we support home businesses 

Run your Business from Home

If your business is located inside your home we can customize our 100% Fiber plans just for you.

Saint Clair County, MI