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INVESTED IN our community

Saint Clair County and Beyond

Duke Broadband is a local company focused on our community.  We know first-hand the difficulty of getting fast and reliable internet in our area. With over 20 years of experience  building networks, we decided to build one ourselves. We have assembled a team of experts and technology partners to assure our network is the fastest and most reliable in the state of Michigan. We will strive to be the best and look forward to serving you!

20 + Years of Experience

We have devoted over 20 years to building and maintaining networks. Now, we have utilized that experience to build networks in communities frequently ignored by major vendors.

Fast & Reliable Network

Our team has engineered our 100% fiber network to be the fastest in the state of Michigan. We don’t believe where you live should restrict access to the internet, so we’ve decided to solve it ourselves.

Locally Driven

We pride ourselves on providing the best network to our local community that has struggled for years to get fast and reliable coverage.

Competitive Access Provider

Duke Broadband is an MPSC designated Competitive Access Provider

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